Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Created To Create, A Bella Blvd Layout

Hello everyone! Steph here today sharing my "Free For All" assignment with you today.
As much as I sometimes need the direction of a more specified assignment, sometimes it's fun to just let my creativity and the products take me where they want. That's what happened here, and I like the result!

This entire layout actually started with that pie chart sticker you see there. I had it left over from one of the Illustrated Faith monthly kits and for some reason it was just calling out to me. I had been saving onto it for the perfect project so it looks like it finally found a home. ( I love when that happens!)


This layout is all about my little creative testimony, after all these years of creating it was so nice to sit down and type a bit about how I feel about what I get do. It was actually a little bit of an eye opener to myself, really sitting down to think it though has shown me how God has used a bunch of tiny steps in my life to make bigger ones. WOW GOD!

For this layout I mixed in some Oh My Stars and Bright & Brave collections together, the colors blend so well and I love that about Bella! I used some washi to make by little divider and then filled in each portion with my title, a picture, and the bottom two squares are filled with embellishments that I feel help tell my story a bit more.

 I'm kinda excited to add this one to my album, that's how I know I created something straight from the heart!
Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you liked it!

Supply List: Oh My Stars: McIntosh Stars, Punch Stars, Cotton Candy Stars, Tabbies; Bright & Brave: Bible Journaling, 3 x 4's, Paper Pieces; Tiny Text: Black; Chip Scripts: So In Love, Today; Homespun Alphabets Stickers: Bless Her Heart Mix, One In A Mellon, Apple Of My Eye, Practice What You Peach, Olive You; The Genesis Collection: Mini: Mint To Be; Clear Stamps: Homespun #'s and Extras; Enamel Hearts: Hey Sugar Sugar; 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Totally Tiffany- Bible Journaling Command Center

Hi everyone! Good morning! I've been pretty excited to share this post with you since these babies landed on my doorstep last week. I was contacted by Totally Tiffany to do a little review on this 4 piece Desk Maid set, and am I ever glad that I accepted! I mean look at these things! They're white, clean modern lines, gorgeous and I just love them! 

The set comes with four pieces: The Tool Tower, Stadium Arranger, Pencil Perch, and the Pen & Ink Palace. Right out of the box I was already impressed by the quality and design, these are just so perfect! At first I couldn't decided if I wanted to use them for my planner stuff or my bible journaling goodies, but since my bible journaling supplies were kind of scattered around my studio I felt like they were the solution I had been searching for to corral them together...And BINGO! I was right!

The Stadium Arranger was the first thing I wanted to fill up, I really like the different heights of the little compartments, they're perfect for storing my most used stamps and stickers, and I can even fit the current month's Bible Journaling kit in there with all of it, that was a huge plus to me.

The second thing I filled up was the Pen & Ink Palace, I think my favorite thing about this piece was that the little shelves in it are removable. This allows you to customize the piece to make it fit your needs, and because we all have different demands of our storage that is key! I used mine to house
 more of my favorite bible journaling stamps and the ink pads I use most.  It has a great little space compartment on the top of it too, It gave me some extra room to store a large roller punch, some watercolors and an a larger ink pad. 

The Tool Tower is my second favorite piece in this set, besides it being pretty and white, it is highly functional. I love that I can store all my taller favorites in the back and my shorter ones in the front, because all of the levels are at different heights I can easily see even my smallest pieces. That is a big difference than the organizer I was currently using, because all of the compartments were the same height my smaller things were always getting lost.

Here is a little side view of the pieces I decided to keep at the handy, another thing I really like about this set is how small of a foot print it has. Real estate in here is quite valuable so for the amount of supplies I can store in one small space these get five stars in my opinion.

The fourth piece in this set is the Pencil Perch, how cute is that!? Although my collection of pens and pencils is bigger than this little buddy can handle, I really love the display! I think it would also be very handy to hold paintbrushes and skinnier utensils like that.

Overall I can't wait to settle into these pieces and see how they will work for me in the long haul, I can already tell that they'll be sticking around. I feel like organizing your space is just part of the gig at this point, so finding what works best for you is no easy task. 

And!!! You can also enter a giveaway of this set by filling out this form here:)

You can even buy these piece separately to fit your needs, I can see a few more of these pieces in my future!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you've found this review helpful,

Sunday, October 9, 2016

World Card Making Day With Bella Blvd

Happy World Card Making Day everyone! Stephanie here sharing my card I prepared for today's celebration,  I'll keep this short and sweet since I know many of you are probably having fun crafting away at crops or home just enjoying the day.

For my care I mainly used Illustrated Faith's new Bright & Bold collection, which happens to be one of my favorites from the new releases. I just can't get enough of all the graphics...I mean that typewriter, come on with all the cute! It gives me all the heart eyes.

For my card I used some patterned paper on top of my base and then added one of the 3x4's on top of it. I love how it says Thank You on the paper coming from the typewriter so I used it as part of my Thank you Love sentiment. The typewrite key "LOVE" is such a cute paper piece!
I added in a pink Enamel Heart then topped it off with a bit of washi that I designed for the October Illustrated Faith kit "How He Loves Us" since it matched perfectly.

Thanks for including us in your festivities of WCMD, Have a great day everyone!

Supply List: Bight & Brave: Bible Journaling, 3x4's, Paper Pieces; Enamel Hearts: Bless Her Heart Mix; How He Loves Us Kit: Washi.