Friday, April 8, 2011

Rain, rain Go Away!

I hate days like this. How it's so overcast and the clouds keep you from getting anything done. No motivation and HORRIBLE lighting for taking pics :( So please excuse how "off" these ones are.
Here are some cards that I made the other day, they are bright and sunny and welcome spring, they just make me happy.
The Layout is one that I made the other day when I became an aunt, my family lives in Canada so my Brother in law had to text me a pic of Hudson. I wanted the picture on my phone to show that I am far away from them but still love them with all my heart.

Sorry again about the crummy picture quality I should have waited for better weather but I just couldn't wait to share. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and thank you so much for stopping by and taking a peak.


  1. Steph, Those are happy cards. Love the colors!! And that LO is just wonderful. The photo including your phone is a great idea. And it made me miss you even more! The sun is out here and the view is amazing so along with hugs and smiles I send you some sunshine! :)

  2. These are simply gorgeous you, love it...♥