Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Monday!

Monday is a hard day, who wants to go back to work or wake up to the alarm clock? Ugh I hate the alarm clock! :) So today I am telling myself I am going to have a great Monday! Here is a lo that I've done recently about how much joy and happiness a baby can bring into your life. We don't have any kiddos of our own yet so it was so overwhelming (in a good way) to love someone so much instantly. I never really expected that. So here it is: 

I hope everyone has a very happy Monday!
Also, you probably noticed my new blog header and all it's cuteness, a BIG thank you to my friend Sophia Allison for making it.  She is so creative and always puts a fun spin things. You should check out her blog, be ready to be inspired!!
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Very beautiful! I love the row of different patterned dots!

  2. Simply gorgeous Steph...glad you like the banner!

  3. Steph, love the LO and that photo of you and your nephew!! :)