Monday, March 31, 2014

mambi Hello 30 Layout

In February I said goodbye to my 20's. Although I thought I'd miss them, that really hasn't been the case so far. A friend of mine once said that she felt her 30's gave her some street cred and I think she's right, I don't really feel older just a bit wiser so I'll take it.
Today I'm up on the mambi blog with this layout that I made to say HELLO to 30.
I wanted the pictures to be fun and a bit silly since that's pretty much me.
For some reason I feel like 30 brought with it or maybe I should say left behind the care of what others may think about me, it's a nice change haha
so here's me at 30, take it or leave it :)
All the new mambi products are to die for, the puffy yeah lets just say that I asked for more to create with.
I am really liking bright bold colors with black and white so I tried to stick with that for this one.

For more info on my layout make sure you go check out the mambi blog, 
I'm pretty sure you'll fine a supply list over there as well and a coupon for 20% off in the mambi shop. Time to stock up!
Hope everyone has a great Monday and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I looove your coloful and gorgeous layout!! You are so talented ♥ I'm so happy to have discovered your blog ♥

    1. I'm glad you did too because it led me to your's amazing!

  2. Love it Stephanie!! The mix of Pink and Yellow is so fun, and I love your cute photos!! And believe me, you are lucky...I will be leaving my 30's behind next January!!! :)

  3. Left my 20's 3 years ago...haven't looked back. I love how you are making silly faces, but still look gorgeous!

  4. LOL - love the photos!! Turning 30 was difficult for me - I dwelled on all the stuff I hadn't done yet. Silly I know! But then I realised all the things I had done! Love the bright bold colours. Hugs Anita xo