Thursday, July 17, 2014

Crate Paper Summer Grid Layout

Ok, here is my most recent Crate Paper layout, hope you enjoy!
Hi everyone, Stephanie here with a summery layout that was a ton of fun to make. This time of year is super busy for me, running around here and there and it feels like I can never catch up. It was nice to just slow down for a while and take time out to let my hands be busy doing what I enjoy.
I dug into the Open Road collection which one of my favorite summer lines at the moment, and got right to work.
Here is my "Summer Days Are Here" layout:
Because time is a hot commodity at the moment I am really liking to use this grid style layout as a go to for saving time during the summer rush. Because it is a familiar one to me it allows me to get my pages done faster. I like that I get to use special pieces from collections that help tell my story.
Never be afraid to dig into your stash of layouts and re create some of your favorites, I think you will be pleasantly surprised not only at the time you will save but at the fun you'll have with so much of the guess work eliminated.
This layout reminds me of the photo gallery walls that are popular in homes because of all the different elements and how they are arranged evenly spaced out. Just like how they would be arranged on your wall at home and how they may tell a story of your family, I used piece from different collections that help tell the story of my picture.

The colors in this collection remind me of suntans and long days outside. The picture I used on this layout is of us at a ball game we went to recently. My journaling reads "There's nothing like a warm summer day at the ballpark... a picnic blanket, music and my honey; I'm loving life." 

The different embellishments I chose were very significant to our day. The radio represented the music that way playing, the flowers for the beautiful landscape. One of my favorites is the Alabama license plate, how perfect! I think that sometimes it is easy for us to just pile on the cuteness just because it is cute, so I like that this page allows me to really pull in storytelling pieces. 
With so much going on I felt that it was easy for your eye to just wander around. I placed this strip of patterned papers and tiny collage about midway through the page to draw your eye up and take a rest.
Go through your stash and pick out some of the pieces you've been saving up for that special layout and put them to use. This kind of layout is very forgiving allowing you to use embellishments of all different sizes, designs and textures.
I know it's summer and we all have busy schedules but don't forget to take time out to just have fun and relax. This is an easy layout that can be done in many different ways, so take a few minutes and try it out for yourself. I hope it will make it a little less time consuming and enjoyable for you now that you've seen it done.
Happy summer days!

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