Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Brady Update

Being a new mom is more than I ever imagined, it's bliss that others probably look at and doubt (or think that I'm completely crazy). Even while changing diapers or wiping up throw up my heart is totally in the game. This little guy has taught me to love in a completely new way. He's going to be so spoiled and I have to admit that I am already wrapped around every one of his tiny fingers, I'm in love again for real :)
Here he is at five weeks old (sigh) time is going too fast already, he looks so grown up to me.

 He's been through alot in his first five weeks, I hope from now on out it's smooth sailing for this little guy.
Thanks for stopping by, hope everyone is enjoying their second day of spring.

Take care, Stephanie


  1. aww he is adorable...thanks for sharing with us and Congratulations..
    Many Blessings.

  2. Aww! :) He's sooo precious! I totally what you mean about being "in the game". I can't wait for our first baby girl to arrive in late July/early August!

  3. Babies ARE so much fun...I felt the same way about my babies. Who knew watching an infant was so much fun? I love the perfect circle their mouths would make, or the way they would hold their little fist over their heads (I would say to my girls, "Girl Power!"), and the way ceiling fans absolutely mesmerized them.

  4. Steph, I see you in him so much when I look at at that photo. I am so glad you are "totally in the game." and loving every second of it with him. I am praying for smooth sailing for that little man. Give him an extra few hugs from me. Love you all!