Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Crate Paper Layout- A Lovely Day Together

Before I head to bed I was given the okay to share away on this crate layout and I've been looking forward to posting this one for ya'll.
For my Birthday at the beginning of the month my mother in law came down to spend a girls day with me to celebrate. We had a blast together and the more I think about her doing this for me the more thankful I get. This woman loves me more than I could have ever asked for in a mother in law, she's pretty special.
Anyways before I get all teary and weepy on ya, here's my layout: 
For Crate we are asked to make a "random" project each month to go along with our other assignments, this is the one I did for Feb. Close up #1:

Close up #2:

We're still not sure of a date that Crate will show all of our random assignments on their blog yet but I'm just glad that I got to give you guys the first view.
Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you like this one, It's kinda special to me.


  1. Love love love this page!!! the colors, the design, the stitching ... everything!

  2. This layout is amazing Stephanie! Love the chevron design you used and the texture from the stitching! And what a cute photo of you and your mother-in-law! Happy the two of you had a fun day on your birthday!

  3. So wonderful that you can have this great relationship with you mil!

  4. love what you did with CP collection..also again love the way you do the layer