Saturday, September 24, 2016

Hello hello! Stephanie here today sharing this "Inspired By Pinterest" layout  I recently did. 
These are always one of my favorite types of assignments because it really allows me to go out and find some inspiration when I may be lacking in the "mojo" area. 
The pin I chose to work with was this picture of some pretty and simply designed stationary. I loved how it was full of color but still clean at the same time. 

The first thing that caught my attention in the picture were the hexagons, not only do I really like how they were laid out and arranged, but the way they were put together really inspired me as well and I knew right away that there was going to be lost of patterned papers involved.

I really tried to keep my hexagons in the same position as the inspiration pin because I really loved how symmetrical they are. I also really liked how the triangles are also aligned with the flow of the other shapes.

I am admittedly one of the slowest fussy cutters in the history of man. I did make a cut file to cut out my triangles to put my hexies together, but in the end I ended up using them as a stencil so I could have more control over which parts of the pattern papers ended up on my layout.

I decided to use some Chip Scripts mixed with Tiny Text for my title "Hello There Love", I just can't get enough of those things! I love how they look clean and white or dressed up, they are the perfect words for titles and I am really hoping that one day we have even more of them! 

After I got all my triangles cut up and pieced together, I arranged them on my paged and decided to run it through my sewing machine. I tried to keep my lines clean so they wouldn't distract from the lines of the main design.

In my inspiration picture, you can see that they used some larger triangles as the focal point of the design, so I tried to do the same. even though most of mine ended up being covered by my picture and embellishments, I promise they're still there hiding under all the goodness. 

I added in a few of the new Tabbies and gift tags from the You Are Loved collection to layer it up a bit and finished it off with some stickers and a chipboard icon from She Blooms.

That's about it from me today, thank you so much for stopping by!

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